Hi, I'm Porcelaine! 
I've been a blogger for more than 5 years now and have been a veteran reviewer. I have a love for makeup and fashion, I'm a shopper of high, low end and indie cosmetics and love letting my readers know about the ups and downs I've uncovered on my journey to makeup heaven! Occasionally other things pique my interests such as day to day life and experiences. I aim to help others with my reviews and warn others from potentially bad purchases and stores! I love a sense of community and hope that you feel welcome at this blog, my haven!

My blog is by creative and social outlet where I talk about my Garden Of Shadows Cosmetics Store, makeup reviews, shopping, cooking, life and tips.

Here is a neat synopsis about me!

Where are you from?
'Stralia, Mate! If you didn't pick that up I meant I'm from Australia, Sydney. I live in a suburban area. Sydney isn't much of a city. No one really lives in the 'city' of skyscrapers (and the nightlife is rather bleak). Some would consider where I live almost rural (I swear there are snakes around here!) but it's the type of area where most Australians live! I'm proud to be Australian =P!

And you're a goth?
I am very much a goth at heart/closet goth or what have you. In my mind all of the gothic aesthetics appeal to me. For practicality's sake I dress down day to day (soft goth?) but for some special occasions I do wear my gothic clothing. I'm pretty romanticist with what I like and think. I also listen to mainly metal music: symphonic, power, folk, viking, black, death, progressive; a bit of EBM/electro and a bit of industrial.

Makeup tastes?
Hmm... pale skin; sparkly, bright, dark and colourful eyeshadow but not neutrals! Overdramatic, like evening looks amped up 300%. Makeup, for me, is about fun and creativity and not about completing a daily chore. I do it when I have time and as something uplifting.

Wait, you write a blog?
Yes, and I don't plan to stop reviewing makeup =D! That kind of means I'll be buying more too...(uh oh.) I do have a second blog about my garden that I update when I feel like it. It's more for myself but it does contain an array of cute creatures in it! If you are an animal or plant lover I'm sure you'll love this blog too!

Is this a one woman army?
Yep, just me!

 Postscript: Disclaimers and all that jazz!

I welcome any products sent for me for review purposes or giveaways. If you are a company that would like me to review something please email me (email below). I want to be clear that all reviews I do are my opinion only. I am not interested in defamation of others, I always try to give a fair, just and detailed opinion based on my experiences with may be both positive or negative.

*QUICK NOTE: If you are a company that I have reviewed and have reviewed a product negatively I welcome you to converse with me about it and if you have changed your product or have other products, I would love to review and reevaluate them. I am always open to change and respect that businesses grow on feedback. Although I can't always update the progress of companies by myself and out of my own pocket all the time, you will always have the power to change that.

You can email me at gardenofshadowsstore(at)gmail(dot)com
I also welcome questions, or if you want to chat!

Everything I write and make is under my copyright, please respect that. If you would like to use something from my blog or store, please ask me beforehand for permission and make sure that you acknowledge me and link back to my site.

ALSO I DO NOT RESPOND TO SPAM: Please don't go about asking favours or linking websites that have nothing to do with the posts. It's uncourteous and the proper avenue, if you have a legitimate and equal purpose is EMAIL ONLY. Outright spam will be deleted.