Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Review: Enprani Super Aqua Emulsion & Toner

Usually I'm not one for skincare and reviewing samples but this is a little known brand that I've been able to try called Enprani. It's a Korean skincare and makeup brand which came with my purchase of the Holika Holika Owl Highlighter I bought at the beginning of the year. You might remember my Lancome sample collection that I was struggling to finish but finally I have and Enprani has made a brief entrance into my skincare routine!

What is it? This is a duo of a light moisturiser called the Super Aqua Capture Emulsion and a toner gel called Super Aqua Capture Toner, though the sample bottle says it's Aqua x2. This is just 2 parts of the 'Asian Skincare Regime' and if you want to know more check out this nifty post by Hope In A Blog!

Enprani's toner is definitely different to what I'm used to. Western toners tend to be alcohol based and watery as hell, the idea being that the alcohol/liquid will help close your pores after showering. Enprani's toner is a little more gel like than the western sort making it easier to apply to your face rather than run down your arms and gives the moisture needed to be replenished after cleansing. The scent is a typical one of Korean skincare and is mature, refreshing and familiar.

Left: Enprani Super Aqua x2 Skin Toner, Right: Enprani Super Aqua x2 Emulsion

The emulsion is again a light moisturiser, still a gel which is pretty common for Asian creams but with a lot more substance than the toner. It's not oily but is slightly tacky after use. It dries down to a matte finish which I like especially for oily skin. I'd say it's still lacking moisture overall if you have dry skin and you need a substantial amount if you need that extra moisture but I'm keeping in mind that there are a few more products you are 'expected' to use on top of these two that add the oils that your looking for such as the Essence, Eye Cream and Aqua Cream.

Each product is about $30-40 each on Ebay but I managed to use these samples (probably containing 5ml each bottle) definitely more than 10 times until I ran out. You might think this would be for younger skin because of how light each product is but considering Asian skin tends to be more oily even throughout adulthood this is something that people in their 30s could use. Would I buy it? I would definitely consider it. I know I will be getting quality from Enprani but the question is really "Are there similar products from other brands that do the same thing?" Knowing Korean skincare the answer is there are lots out there that are sooooo similar!

Love Porcelaine.


  1. I'm new to this brand, seems quite interesting ^^

  2. If you are looking to buy it you can get it on Ebay but you might find it on Gmarket because it's not an "international" brand.


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