Saturday, November 16, 2013

NOTD: Spontaneous Skittles with OPI, Rimmel, Layla, Missha, Ulta3

I'm currently on a nail polish diet. I want to consume so many shades but I need to look after the health of my nails so I have to restrict the amount of nail polish I use. This led me to do this unusual skittles look which was really me just wanting to swatch several colours at once!

My left hand was a mix of six nail polishes (not including my thumb) and the combined look reminds me of a tropical beach, or some sort of watery goldfish cutesy japanese fabric colour scheme.

Left to Right:
  •  Opi Blue Shatter as base (this was applied a couple times but I didn't let it shatter), then Ulta3's Striking. Striking is rather glittery and really pigmented but I like that about it.
  • 1 coat of Lofes 633 (nail polish comes from Korea actually). It's basically a turquoise with gold interference and quite a common shade but I didn't have one until I bought this one.
  • Ulta3's Corsican Rose, 2 coats as base, then Missha Lucid Nail Polish in No 8 for top coat. Corsican Rose pulls green by itself and in the bottle but it can took more blue toned depending how you use it. The top coat is a large particle flakie but I tried to put only a small amount.
  • Ulta3's Atomic Oj in two coats. This reminds me of goldfish and I love it! The finish is not glossy, kind of like plastic and one coat appears like a orangey yellow, 2 coats gives it a full on orange.

My right hand turned out to be a sort of cosy mix of taupe and purple shades. I was just messing about by trying to match a some shades that I had yet to try out.

Left to Right:
  • Rimmel Metal Rush in Gold Save the Queen. This one surprised me. I've had a bad history with Rimmel's Metal Rush collection because frankly it sucks (I have three shades). This one is a unique shade and not as bland or same-same as all the other ones in the collection.
  • Missha Crystal Nail Polish in JBR01. I love holographic nail polishes but this was a change for me. It's not a linear holographic but a scattered one and the metallic brown base is quite interesting put together.
  • Ulta3 Orchid. This is just a conventional nail polish. It's a purple base with burgundy shimmer.
  • Layla The Butterfly Effect. This is an oldie but a goodie. It looks way better in real life and I probably should have done 2 coats (it still looks great in one coat). It's a purple base with red flakes and is a dupe for Nfu-oh 51.

So that's the skittles swatchfest!
Have any favourites? Want a full hand swatch for one of these shades? Comment below!

Love Porcelaine.


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