Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Everyday Rants: #2 Myer, is My Store? I Don't Think So...

So here's another tale of misery that I'd rather not have to share, such as last time's run in with McDonalds! I've been a long customer of Myer, which is an Australian department store. 

For the most part I've been a happy customer because of two reasons:
1. Before the internet, or internet shopping, there was only one way to get your goods from all your favourite brands and that was in store. If I wanted my favourite Lancome products (I'm a reformed addict as I like to say!) you could normally only get them at Myer or David Jones.
2. I loathed David Jones who have some of the worst customer service! Whenever I walked into David Jones it was like I didn't exist (either because I was too "young" to be a DJs customer or perhaps too poor looking!). But mostly when I walked into a Myer store I was served with enthusiasm.

So early this month I did a now rare shop at the Sydney Myer store, that giant multistorey decked out store! I wasn't looking for anything in particular, or wanting to spend a lot of money but there I find a lovely enticing cart filled with half price Givenchy goodies!

And then the cravings set in... (reformed addict alert!) After scanning all the shades I picked out a few likely victims of my spending spree. I had a couple questions about missing testers and asked the saleswoman to check the price of one item. She was very cheery but she quickly forgot about me and started talking to another woman several metres away, as I found out a few minutes later. 

I wasn't so concerned about that, but when it came to paying up I felt the tone of the place turned a little colder. I didn't know where to pay so I asked another saleswoman and she bluntly directed me in an offhand way. When I arrived at the payment desk two ladies were conversing with each other while I stood in front of them. It took them many seconds before they even started to take attention of me but worse was that the lady who was serving me continued to talk while scanning the barcodes. I might have expected as much from a couple of young checkout chicks at a supermarket but I didn't expect such lackluster services from two older women who should have known better than to be talking on the job. After paying they resumed their intense conversation.

Beige Mousseline = Acoustic Pastel...

When I got home I was in for a surprise! 
I opened the boxes and in one of the products I found out that the colour that was inside was different than the colour labelled on the box. I was really disappointed and sent a message to Myer stating the problem. They replied that someone would call me up 'soon'. Days past and I wondered when this call would ever me made. I emailed back to ask what had happened and that I preferred email. I didn't get an email response back but later finally received a call.

In that call the person basically said to return the wrong item as they didn't have any of the right shade and they were sorry for both the mix up and the belated call (she said that their policy was to respond within 24 hours). What really annoyed me is that no one responded directly to my follow up email, that Myer didn't recognise any inconvenience to me in having to go back to the retail store, or have a generous consumer guarantee from their fault of service. 

Which brings me to the next point: How will this affect the way I shop in the future?
Clearly I've given up on the "instore experience". 
  • To go to a retail store in person is inconvenient for the most part in terms of travelling time especially when Givenchy and other brands are only sold in the big city stores, not locally. 
  • The prices are more than double that if you bought the same items overseas. I don't care if it's 50% off or even 90% off if the stores aren't matching the price of competitors.
  • The customer service was not what I expected. I'm a person who values it as part of the shopping experience and will boycott a store if I've had a bad experience. I don't need a real person to hand my money over and am satisfied buying online without having to speak a word!
So obviously it will be a while before I make another purchase at Myer, especially beauty wise.
What will I do with that Givenchy product? I have no desire to go back to the store so I'll use and review these products soon.

Love Porcelaine.


  1. I would try to find someone higher up in the company (or at least in the customer service dept) and forward them this blog post. The people giving you bad customer service might not care that it's inconvenient for you to return to the shop, but their supervisors might! But in any case, that's incredibly annoying.

    1. I would like to think that they would listen but I doubt it. I think customer service in Australia is appalling in general and stores here haven't learnt yet that it's bad business. Thanks for the advice. I may do that next time if the occasion arises (and I'm sure it will!).


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