Sunday, August 11, 2013

Update: AWOL

I know it's been yonks since my last post and I'm sincerely sorry! I've had some unseasonable amounts of work to do but I hope to be back soon. I've also acquired a brand new DSLR camera! It's been a bit of trial (figuring it out) and error (lots of it!). I hope I'll be able to bring some beautiful pictures to my NOTDs, EOTDs, reviews, recipes and my garden again!

Have any of you switched to a DSLR?
How was the switchover and did it change your life and blogging?

Yep, I took that with my DSLR!

What's coming up? Here are a few new posts coming soon!
  • Givenchy Le Prisme Visage-Mat and Prisme Foundation - I test out whether these high end products are worth the money.
  • Savvy by DB Razzle & Dazzle NOTD - It's a glitter nail polish in the indie style and like an amped up nude!
  • Everyday Rant: Myer - My customer service tale and why I won't be buying cosmetics from them for a while...
  • Sally Hansen Lustre Shine in Lava NOTD - A beautiful spicy glittery multichrome.
  • Rimmel Metal Rush in Royal Blue - Will this follow the terrible nail polish trend like Bronze Princess?
  • And a few other ones I promised last time. I thought I needed to let you know where I was first!
Love Porcelaine.

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