Friday, August 30, 2013

NOTD: Savvy by DB's Razzle & Dazzle

Until now I haven't fallen for the indie glitter nail polish phenomenon. I already had a set of glitter nail polishes that were the same speckled melange in a bottle, but from before the craze started. They are almost untouched. But when I saw Savvy by DB's Razzle & Dazzle I was completely changed. Not only did I pick up a chunky nail polish but I also chose a light pink and champagne coloured one and I have a reputation for avoiding light and neutral colours!

Lately I haven't been disappointed in Savvy by DB, a cheap Aussie brand selling in Priceline. I've bought and loved Galaxy which is practically a dupe for Chanel's Peridot and the quality was outstanding. 

But Razzle & Dazzle is still great and pigmented. Though it's more of a top coat I've decided to apply this by itself in 3 coats which seems semitransparent in coverage with the camera flash but the gold glitter actually covers well.

But it's more of a chipper when used on its own and next time I'll just be using this as a top coat from now on. Like Galaxy this is a mere $3 and a good sized bottle. Taking this off was definitely a pain and I struggled because of the hex glitters which is always something you need to keep in mind with these types of nail polishes.

Have you tried Savvy by DB before? Do you love glitters or avoid them at all costs?


  1. in love with that nail-polish, gorgeous!! Got a new follower here. Come visit me♡

  2. Wow... what a wonderful nail polish :O Love it!!
    I have awarded you with the Versatile Blogger Award on my blog sweetie :)


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