Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Everyday Rants: #1 McDonalds' 60 Second Promise

This is a new stream of posts where I will be ranting about some everyday things I've encountered, things that have gone wrong or annoying customer service experiences.
This first post is on McDonalds' 60 Second Promise!

McDonalds is definitely not a place that I go to a lot. A few months ago I had a mishap with my order and complained to McDonalds. I got no reply online, no discussion about what I wanted and just received a voucher to make up for it. Now, that's not an ideal situation but I digress, this post is not about the voucher, but what I used the voucher on!

So I decided to use this voucher and saw that there was this McDonalds 60 second promise. In a nutshell it means they will get your order out in 60 seconds or less or you will receive some sort of compensation (Angus Kidman at Lifehacker posted his own findings). That's all nice and good, why would this be such a bad thing?

As it turned out when I started munching on my order I noticed that the quality was way below par than usual. I received soggy chips, dry chicken burger and a cold apple pie. It was definitely unusual because it's not quality I'm used to and McDonalds are normally fairly consistent, at that franchise and other franchises too.

So how do I reckon this drop in attention to quality is not just a fluke? I asked for 2 apple pies and they said that "there's only one". Could they not make another (this had never been a problem before)? Well not if they wanted to put the order out in 60 seconds. Other places like USA and Japan have 60 second hourglass timers to somewhat accurately determine if your order is completed in the right time frame.

Funnily enough some years back McDonalds did a campaign on "made fresh for you" orders so that your food was not premade waiting to be eaten. Now the reverse is true and it irks me! While this scheme is in I don't think I'll be dining at McDonalds.

What do you think? Have you ever encountered some dodgy promotional schemes?

Love Porcelaine.

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