Saturday, December 1, 2012

November Adoration

Life has been busy and it's not till recently that I have had the time to reacquaint myself to makeup and blogging! I remembered "Didn't I do a monthly feature on my favourites? When was the last time I did?....
My, oh my! The last time was over a year ago in July!
So here's to restarting my monthly favourites! A lot has changed since last year!
In the last couple months I've been searching for a good foundation. I used to be a minerals girl but hated it melting off my face so easily. Then I moved onto BB creams hoping it would give me the perfect all in one application. Sadly while some looked great I got oily so easily!

Guess what I moved onto next?
After buying BRTC Recover BB, Ultraflesh Ninja Compact, Holika Holika Clearing Petit BB Cream and Make Up Forever HD Foundation the winner is MUFE HD!
Ultraflesh Ninja Compact, Clinique Moisture Surge Tinted Moisturiser, Make Up For Ever HD Foundation, BRTC Blemish Recover Balm, Holika Holika Clearing Petit BB Cream.
I've been using this almost every time I go out and on the majority of my face.
Oiliness and flakiness are still issues.
Here's my general foundation regime:
  1. I apply BRTC Recover BB on my T-zone as it helps keep the oilies at bay for a few hours.
  2. I apply a silicone primer all over my face. Smashbox's Photo Finish primer is my go to but Lancome's La Base Pro is my other alternative.
  3. MUFE HD foundation goes all over my face. All products are applied with fingers! Easy!
  4. I contour with ELF All Over Color Stick in Toasted. It's really easy and pigmented ($1!).
  5. I might use a powder. I've used Rimmel's Silky Loose Powder (a bit drying), Lancome L.U.C.I. Photonic Powder (it's hard to see when applied with the in built brush) and Dior Flower Blossom Compact (pink sheen!).
 Primers! Lancome La Base Pro, Smashbox Photo Finish Primer (small size)

Dior Flower Blossom Compact, Lancome Photonic Powder

What's next?
I actually really like Clinique's Moisture Surge Tinted Moisturiser. It had good coverage and looks natural, no dry patches! I only have a sample but in the wrong shade (too dark or my liking) but would consider buying it in the future!

I also used to have a sample of Fyrinnae's Silica Gel Primer. For oil control it's the best product I've used but my sample dried up so I will be looking at ordering a full sized in the future, or perhaps make my own.

Foundation has always been a hard problem to solve for me. My t-zone is the most annoyingly oily part of my face that overreacts when I apply products. I have found NONE that can successfully control my oily face the whole day let alone in the summer!

Love Porcelaine.

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